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September 6
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Stanislav Cherchesov: Outperforming last year's achievements is the main goal

Stanislav Cherchesov, the new head coach of the Kazakhstan national football team have provided his comments on the appointment and shared his upcoming plans. 
What were the key factors that influenced your decision to accept the offer to become the head coach of the Kazakhstan national team?
About two months ago, I made it clear that I did not wish to work abroad at this time. However, I feel that the Kazakhstan national team aligns well with my vision. I have visited Kazakhstan several times before and have always felt a close connection with its mentality. Upon arriving in Astana, I was welcomed by Adlet Barmenkulov, the president of the KFF. We discussed our perspectives and agreed on how to move forward. It became evident that we should tackle this project together, and that's exactly what we intend to do.
What are the goals and objectives set for you by the Kazakhstan Football Federation in the short and long term?
The team had a fairly successful season last year. We are starting from scratch in the upcoming Nations League, and there are various factors to consider. With the team relocating from Astana to Almaty due to stadium reconstruction, we might lose some of our home-field advantage. Our main goal is to outperform last year's achievements. A solid foundation has been laid, and now it's time to build upon it, brick by brick. Our focus is to establish a system that will foster the development of football in Kazakhstan. My responsibilities will extend beyond the first team to include the youth and junior teams, which also require attention.
How would you assess the current potential of the Kazakhstan national team, and what can be expected in the upcoming tournaments?
When I met with the team, I noticed there was some tension among the players. While a certain amount of tension is normal, especially with a new head coach, it’s important that it's positive and focused on work. After discussions with the coaching staff, we acknowledged some challenges, including injuries and having some older players, though we never solely focus on age. Understanding our past performance and identifying areas for improvement are crucial. Much can change within a year, so we must remain objective and vigilant, ensuring we don’t overlook any players who are making significant progress. The team’s potential is there; we aim to showcase modern football and evolve. It will become clear over time how successful we are. 
What are your initial plans as you begin your role?
I've just had a discussion with the KFF administration, and we've agreed that I will not be involved in the upcoming matches. My coaching staff has just learned of my appointment, and we need some time to settle in. I won't be able to travel to Armenia, as I hadn't planned to assume control of the national team until recently. However, I do plan to travel to Hungary to watch our match against Azerbaijan, to take a look at the team's performance firsthand. I won't be participating in the pre-match tactical advice summary or the training process. Ruslan Baltiev will handle these next two games. The new coaching staff, including myself, will officially start our duties after the matches in June.