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Cherchesov: Generally, match turned out well

Russian national team ended a test match against Chile national in 1-1 draw at CSKA stadium in Moscow on Friday, the 9th of June. Russian national team manager Stanislav Cherchesov answered questions from journalists upon completion of the match:

- How is Fedor Kudryashov?

- He was painful but that passed. He must have suffered a strong contusion and therefore requested for substitution.

- Why Shishkin and not Dzhikia appeared in the starting lineup?

- That was my decision. Dzhikia suffered from knee pain. He had a moderate workload during last two training sessions and we must have fully ready players on the pitch. So it did not make sense to have him in the lineup today.

- What did you like and dislike about your squad’s performance tonight?

- I liked that we did a small but significant progress compared to the match against Hungary. I am also pleased that we managed to comeback into the match. I did not like that we conceded a goal. We were losing possession several times as we were making a transition into offensive. But anyway, I thanked my team for a difficult match. I hope that we will be able to make certain improvements before the opening match of the Confederations Cup.

- What is the significant progress that the national team has made?

- That is a squad of a completely different level. We felt more confidence, had more possession and tested a new scheme. We switched from 5-3-1 to 5-4-1.

- The squad draw an applause this time. Do you think such performances can change attitude to the national team?

- I did not hear what happened in Krasnodar. I leave the pitch early and do not hear either side. So if there was applause tonight, the fans liked our performance. And by the way, this is not the first time we are coming back. And that means we have character and are moving in the right direction. And the rest will come with time.

- How did you like CSKA Stadium which hosted the national team for the first time?

- I watch CSKA frequently here. It is a fine football stadium with great aura. I would be happy if a few thousand more fans showed up. Otherwise, the match turned out well in general.

- Alexis Sanchez came into the game and contributed to the first goal almost immediately. Were you not ready for his appearance?

- Things often change on the pitch when a high-class player comes into the game. And Sanchez caused problems to many teams already.

- Chile team complained that their average height is lower than that of other Confederations Cup participants. Was it your plan to exploit set pieces?

- We worked on set pieces indeed. Also for the matches against Hungary and Belgium. We are glad to have a trump like that. But set pieces is just a part of football although sometimes it becomes the most important one.

- What can you say about Chile national? Some call it the tournament’s odds-on favourite...

- I watched more than the match tonight. And it was no accident that they won Copa America. Chile is a very strong team.