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OTP Bank League
Kecskemet vs Ferencvaros
May 13
OTP Bank League
Ferencvaros vs Debrecen
May 20
OTP Bank League
Mezokovesd vs Ferencvaros
May 28

Interview to RT with Stanislav Cherchesov and Peter Schmeichel. 09.07.2018
Vladimir Solovyev show. 08.07.2018 (in Russian)
Vremya Pokazhet TV broadcast on 09.07.2018 (in Russian)
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - RUS vs CRO - Post-Match Press Conference
2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - RUS vs CRO - Russia Pre-Match Press Conference
Press conference before match against Śląsk Wrocław
Press conference after Cup tie against Chojniczanka in Warsaw
Interview to Rossiya 24
Press conference before Polish Cup tie against Chojniczanką
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