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Cherchesov: Dzyuba and Shatov must become full team members in their clubs

Stanislav Cherchesov, the head coach of Russian national team, answered questions from journalists upon completion of Russian national team’s training session on Sunday, March 18th.

-What is the reason that several players were having individual training program today? And what about Kuzyaev, how long his recovery must be expected to take?

- Business is running as usual. Players arrive at our camp location so that we could take a look and examine them again. We are provided with information about player conditions from their clubs and we have an opportunity to re-examine it during the camp. It is not that we do not trust our colleagues but we need to have a clear understanding of everything. Doctor Bezuglov can answer these questions in more details because everyone is doing his own business. Players had a workout today and tomorrow we will proceed from our understanding of their readiness. Injuries are all different. We play our first match on March 23rd, and the second match on March 27th, so everything can change every second.

- What can you say about pitch condition in Novogorsk? Is there a risk for players to suffer an injury?

- I am thankful to Dynamo Moscow management for hosting us today. Tomorrow we have a training session at Arena-Khimki stadium. The pitch condition is going to be different. We had a recovery training today because some of the players had their matches yesterday. So the pitch in Novogorsk was sufficient for that purpose.

- What are your comments about invitation of Kambolov?

- We had Kambolov in our initial list already but we decided to take time as Neustedter had a minor injury. And we decided to avoid any risks and invite Ruslan Kambolov as well.

- Unfortunately, Kokorin suffered a serious injury but you did not invite another striker in his place. Why?

- It all depends on player position. Cheryshev will join the squad on Monday and he is more or less the same type of player as Kokorin. During the past few matches we played with a single striker and had Dzagoev or Miranchuk as inside forward. We thought about our possible actions after Kokorin suffered an injury but decided to take no further action for now as we have some plans already. And then we will see what to do next.

- How many more good matches must Dzyuba play to deserve an invitation? Was it realistic to respond to his Saturday success in match against Rostov?

- We can respond to everything and under any circumstances but we try to avoid rushing from side to side. You named just one player now but Ilyin and Ionov also scored twice yesterday. I can understand that you are all interested in this specific case but we are more interested about general situation. So we take it easy and analyse various aspects of the training process. A player who did not have much playing practice in his club but got a transfer to a new club, will most likely have difficulties joining our squad after a break. This does not apply solely to Artem Dzyuba but also to Oleg Shatov. So let these players train in their own clubs for now. The national team will keep working on schedule. We desire for players to recover and feel themselves fine. We will only be happy if any of them improve their performance.

- But are you generally happy that Dzyuba is finding himself in the new club and scores in every match before the World Cup?

- To begin with, I am happy that he is in good health. And I would not like to focus on a single player. Our press service provides me with certain information every now and then and it sometimes seems that I live in some parallel world. It is good that Artem himself confirmed that he did not have any particular problems with me. Because everybody is trying to think up something that is not there.