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June 8
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June 12
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June 14

Ferencvaros beat Szeged-Csanád Grosics Akadémia 1-0 in a test match

Ferencvaros have beaten Szeged-Csanád Grosics Akadémia 1-0 in a test match on Saturday, the 26th of March. Ferencvaros took the lead through Pejovic's own goal with only three minutes remaining. 
“We definitely wanted to play with a strong opponent, I’m glad we were able to play in front of a lot of people at such a nice stadium. We had some tough workouts and this match was a great test for us. We are happy to win. We will continue to work in the coming days and will start preparing for the championship match against Puskás Akadémia.
Szeged-Csanád Grosics Akadémia vs Ferencvaros 0-1 (0-0)
Szent Gellért Fórum stadium. 4500 spectators. Referee: Lovas (Medovarszki, Csatári)
Szeged-Csanád Grosics Akadémia: Molnár F. (Takács J., 46), Ódor, Temesvári, Pejovics, Bencze M., Farkas A., Kovács M., Kővári (Vári, 76), Csoboth (Vasziliu, 88), Germán (Kóródi, 46), Gajdos (Dobos Á., 72). Coach: Dragan Vukmir.
Ferencvaros: Bogdán, Wingo (Kaján, 62), Besic, Somália (Könczey, 77), Pászka (Katona, 77), Esiti (Zachariassen, 46), Loncar (Sigér, 61), Auzqui (Mak, 46), Marquinhos (Marin, 46), Zubkov (Tokmac, 46), Boli (Bassey, 46) 
Coach: Stanislav Cherchesov 
Goals: Pejovic (87, own goal)